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YogaVT 9 _ Yoga to prevent and cure anemia

In the human body, blood represents 7% of the weight. Thus, the average adult has about 5 liters of blood.
You may have an equivalent amount of blood in your body, but you may still be anemic if you have the following typical or atypical symptoms:

  1. Pale, pale skin and mucous membranes.
  2. Tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo, headache
  3. Fatigue, anorexia, digestive disorders.
  4. Difficulty concentrating, insecurity, anxiety, insomnia …
  5. Cold limbs, numbness, pain, cramps …
  6. irregular heartbeat, fast heartbeat, shortness of breath
  7. Angina, tongue pain
  8. Hair loss, brittle nails
  9. Desire to eat other non-food things (pica)
  10. Pregnancy, menstrual disorders, gastrointestinal bleeding …
YogaVT 9 not only works very well in treating anemia, but also good for healthy people if exercised daily.

The therapy exercise “YogaVT 9 _ Prevention and treatment of anemia” will be a companion, helping you to overcome in the event of obstacles – whether relatively small or very large – you must still overcome them at all costs!

To practice this YogaVT 9 exercise. You need to practice the following basic yoga poses (Please review these videos in playlist “Basic yoga pose” _ Yoga VIKUDO)

Breathe properly while doing yoga _ Youtube : YogaV 001
Staff pose (Stick pose) _ DANDASANA _ Youtube : YogaVB 3
Child’s Pose _ BALASANA _ Youtube : YogaVB 7
Head to Knee Pose _ JANU SIRSASANA _ Level 1 _ Youtube : YogaVB 13
Head to Knee Pose _ JANU SIRSASANA _ Level 2 _ Youtube : YogaVB 14
Head to Knee Pose _ JANU SIRSASANA _ Level 3 _ Youtube : YogaVB 15
Seated Forward Bend _ PASCHIMOTTÂNASANA _ Youtube : YogaVB 16
Legs Up The Wall Pose _ VIPARITA KARANI _ Youtube : YogaVB 24
Shoulder Stand _ SARVANGASANA _ Youtube : YogaVB 25
Inverted Lake Pose _ VIPARITA KARANI MUDRA _ Youtube : YogaVB 27
Standing Forward Bend _ UTTANASANA _ Youtube : YogaVB 28

I wish you, if you are sick, to overcome all the challenges and recover quickly. Fortunately, if you have not suffered from this disease, actively prevent it!

Thanks for being with us !


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