Legs Up the Wall, VIKUDO

Legs Up The Wall Pose

The Legs Up The Wall Pose, Sanskrit called Viparita Karani, which means “inverted position”.

However, in reality, only the lower part of the body is resting on the wall, the legs are exerted in the opposite position, the rest of the body is completely horizontal on the ground. As a result, the pressure of the blood flowing from the lower body upwards is only partially exerted.

Moreover , because of this pose requiring only a partial inversion of the body, it is therefore easy to apply to many practitioners whose health and flexibility are still limited. In addition, even for many others, although their level of yoga may be high, this pose also allows them to relax and recover.

The pose against the wall, although simple in practice, is very effective in improving physical and mental health.


  • Prevents varicose veins, improve blood circulation
  • Reduces edema of the legs, help the legs slim and firm
  • Increases circulation of body fluids, promote digestion
  • Promotes blood circulation, regulates the blood pressure
  • Relaxes spine, hips, legs
  • Calm the nervous system, relaxes the body


The “Legs Up The Wall Pose” does not apply if you are in the following states:

  • Menstrual periods
  • Serious eye problems, such as glaucoma

To practice properly to achieve health effects and cure illnesses, you should proceed with caution, following the instructions provided in the video, without hurry or subjective.

Before doing this exercise, you should practice good poses of meditation and recovery, such as:
Diamond pose
Sitting simple with crossed legs
The child’s pose.


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