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YogaVB 5 _ How to do Diamond pose _ VAJRASANA _ Basic Yoga

Diamond posture is one of the most important meditation postures.

However, you may also have difficulty performing this posture, because the knees are flexed very strongly and the joints of the feet are very tight.

Diamond posture can bring many benefits:

  • Eliminate the circulation disorders of legs and feet in particular.
  • Helps reduce knee and ankle arthritis, muscle pain and gout.
  • Stimulating digestion
  • Prevent pain that occurs after meals
  • We can practice this posture immediately after a meal.

The steps of this technique are relatively simple, starting with a kneeling position, stretching your feet backwards and sitting on two heels. Keep your head, neck and spine straight. Two hands can be placed on the lap or overlapped and placed in front of the abdomen. Close your eyes, close your mouth and completely relax your face. Focus your mind on your slow, deep breath in the lower abdomen.


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