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Yoga VB3 : How to do Staff pose (Stick pose) _ DANDASANA _ Basic Yoga Poses

“Dandasana” is pronounced “dan-da-sa-na”, “danda” means “stick”.

This pose has the benefit of enhancing the strength of the spine and improving the posture of the body.

This position is not recommended if you have a lower back injury.

Perform :

Sit upright on the floor, keep your back straight, your legs straight and parallel in front and your feet upwards.

Always hold the top of the head up to the ceiling and keep the spine straight and extended upwards.

Naturally expand your chest.

Pelvic bones lean forward.

Press your hand on the floor,

Press your butt on the floor,

Press your thigh directly on the floor,

Press your heels on the floor.

The tip of the toe is facing the face.

Close your eyes, breathe evenly, slowly and deeply with your abdomen for several breathing cycles


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