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YogaVB 15 _ How to do Head to Knee Pose _ JANU SIRSASANA _ LEVEL 3 _ Basic Yoga

To be able to practice level 3, of course, you must practice levels 1 and 2.

A rule of immutability is to always breathe correctly “4 phases” with the lower abdomen, by combining the process of pushing the lumbar and pelvis forward and stretching the length of the spine as much as possible on length of the extended leg.

Only when you decide to rest your head on the floor do you relax your spine and your entire body on the floor and stop the process of stretching the spine.

You must feel a clear relaxation in the lumbar and pelvic area. It should be clear that deep breathing in 4 phases in the lower abdomen facilitates the stretching process and leans forward.

The last thing to keep in mind is to practice slowly, waiting for your muscles to relax and the body to adapt throughout the workout as well as during the recovery process after that.


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