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Insomnia due to stress _ Acupressure _ Acupress V13


Insomnia, although it can be caused by many reasons, but among people who often suffer from insomnia, there are many cases that have causes related to psychological and mental problems.

It is a very bad state of health if it happens to all of us. It is very difficult for us to fall asleep, have a deep and long sleep, wake up frequently during the night, and often wake up too early even though we have not been able to sleep well all night, etc.

In such a situation, when we can’t sleep well at night, on the contrary, during the day at work, we can’t concentrate on work just because we always feel excessively sleepy, tired, frustrated and stressed at the same time. time with the decline in the quality of work and above all the danger of not ensuring safety when participating in traffic, etc…

Of course not all of them, but the following cases will be very easy to fall into a state of psychological disorders, mental stress and therefore also easily to fall into a prolonged state of insomnia (Insomnia due to stress) as just mentioned above:

  • The work has problems or does not meet the legitimate needs of themselves and their families.
  • Marriage problems, family happiness is broken or in danger of breaking
  • Lose a loved one
  • Have a serious illness
  • There is a big change in life, etc.

A vicious cycle that can occur is that once a person suffers from prolonged sleep loss, the anxiety often begins with the lack of sleep itself and leads to a myriad of other issues that cause anxiety. As a result, stress increases and in turn aggravates the symptoms of insomnia. It’s insomnia due to stress.


To treat this dreaded state of insomnia if it happens to you, it is essential that you learn how to manage your stress in addition to taking other measures related to your daily lifestyle.

Lifestyle measures include following a healthy diet and promoting sleep; exercise and relax daily with sleep-promoting movements and techniques; and, sleeping in a bedroom environment, suitable bedding, quiet, well-ventilated and free of information and communication devices in the bedroom, etc.

Again, to cure insomnia, it is imperative that you take all the measures related to hygiene of life, food and life as mentioned above. You should keep in mind that all of these steps are important and should be taken seriously and thoroughly. If you do, not only will you quickly get rid of long hard nights, but you will also enjoy a healthy lifestyle and good, lasting overall health for a lifetime.


Now I would like to share with you a classic massage and acupressure exercise, including 3 important acupressure points. Hopefully this will get you out of that dreaded insomnia.

You can do this exercise at any time of the day. However, you should favor the practice of this exercise in the evening, before bedtime.

As I just said above, it is a classic massage and acupressure exercise, using a set of 3 classic acupressure points, of which there are 2 acupoints belonging to the heart meridian , namely the points Shaohai and Shenmen and one belonging to the pericardium meridian, it is the Neiguan.

Shaohai acupoint _ HT3

First, we will stimulate the Shaohai point.

The Shaohai point, as I just said, is a point located on the heart meridian, with the international symbol of English abbreviated HT3. According to oriental medicine documents, Shaohai acupuncture point has the function of reducing heart fire, treating stress and depression, curing insomnia or panic, etc.

You can take a closer look at how to determine the Shaohai point in the HT3 video.

I repeat, how to get the Shaohai acupuncture point is relatively simple as follows:

  • We extend our right arms and one hand forward. Here I am stretching my left arm.
  • Bend the flexed forearm with the arm at an angle of about 90 degrees like this
  • It’s the elbow
  • And, this is the inside end of the elbow crease. This is the location of the Shaohai acupoint.
Huyệt Thiếu hải, Lesser Sea, Shaohai

So, having determined the location of the Shaohai acupoint, how do we stimulate now?
There are many ways to stimulate the Shaohai acupoint. However, for the purpose of curing insomnia, I would like to suggest the following 5 ways to stimulate, which you can apply a few ways or the 5 ways in the same session have good effects according to your taste:

Way 1: Tapping

You can use your hand to gently tap the part of your finger on the Shaohai point in this outstretched arm state or slightly bent like this.

Vỗ huyệt Thiếu hải, mất ngủ do căng thẳng, mat ngu do cang thang than kinh, mat ngu do stress, insomnie due au stress, insomnia due to stress, acupress v13,

Please note that the striking hand should be soft so that the force applied to the acupuncture point is not too strong and rough.

Pay attention to breathing evenly, slowly and deeply with the lower abdomen to create better conditions for the effect of the Shaohai point to clear the heart, reduce fire and stress – the causes of prolonged insomnia, insomnia due to stress.

You can pat it gently for 1-2 minutes.

Way 2: Rubbing

Even if you have applied way 1 or not, you can still apply this method 2.

If the first way we could use our fingers to gently pat the Shaohai acupoint, now we rub it with our warm palms.

Xoa huyệt Thiếu hải, Lesser Sea, Shaohai

Rubbing time on Shaohai acupoint like this lasts 1-2 minutes.

Way 3: Deep press

In the above tapping and rubbing techniques, even if the exact location of the acupuncture point cannot be determined, it can still have a good effect.

However, when applying acupressure techniques in general, it is essential that you press the exact acupressure points to be effective, even in some cases you can avoid the adverse effects due to improper acupoint.

Here, for the Shaohai point, the way to determine its location is relatively simple as I have just guided it above (re-bend the arm, press on the point of the elbow). If you wish, you can take a marker to facilitate memorization and memorization on your own.

To deeply press the Shaohai acupoint to clean the heart, lower the heat and cure insomnia, you can use the thumb tip of the other hand, press the acupoint directly like this. The other fingers hug the opposite part of the elbow to improve the press.

mất ngủ do căng thẳng, mat ngu do cang thang than kinh, mat ngu do stress, insomnie due au stress, insomnia due to stress, acupress v13,

Note that you need to cut your nails short before acupressure, don’t let your nails hurt the acupressure area.

You press slowly with increasing, hard pressure to your pain threshold, then stop at that level. Hold pressure on this acupuncture point continuously for about 10-15 seconds, then release your hand. Then we immediately perform the following technique which is to press on the acupuncture point. You continue to use the tip of this thumb to gently press the acupuncture point in a circle, clockwise or counter-clockwise as desired, with a time of about 10-15 seconds. Then continue to press deeply for 10-15 seconds, then press gently in a circle again for 10-15 seconds, etc.

You just intertwine 2 deep pressure techniques and press in a circle like this for 2-5 minutes before moving on to other acupuncture points.

Way 4: Press – Release

With this method, also with the tip of the thumb as above. However, instead of pressing deeply on the acupuncture point and keeping continuous pressure on the acupuncture point for 10-15 seconds, here we will do acupressure, although we will also press deeply and press so hard that it causes pain within our tolerance, but we press quickly and release it just as quickly.

You can practice this reflexology technique for as long as you want and whenever you want.

Way 5: Press in a circle

It is the technique of pressing in a circle that I have just mentioned above. That is to say that we press the Shaohai acupoint with the fingertips, clockwise or counterclockwise.

During a training session, you can act on the acupuncture point in all sorts of ways such as tapping, rubbing, pressing or dayting. To do this 5th way, we can continue to use the tip of the thumb mentioned above, go from a state of deep support to a light push on the acupuncture point in a circle, clockwise. or counterclockwise.

Day huyệt Thiếu hải, Lesser Sea, Shaohai chữa mất ngủ do căng thẳng, mat ngu do cang thang than kinh, mat ngu do stress, insomnie due au stress, insomnia due to stress, acupress v13,

It’s time to rub gently on these acupuncture points for 1-3 minutes or longer if desired.

Thus, for the Shaohai acupoint alone, I present to you 5 ways to act on the acupuncture point. Depending on the specific situation, you can apply any or all of the means you deem appropriate.

After having impacted on the Shaohai acupoint of this hand, we are going to act on the Shaohai acupoint on the other hand, with the same technique and the same time that you applied to this hand.

After that, you will move on to the second acupoint, which is the Shenmen acupoint.

The Shenmen acupoint _ HT7

The Shenmen acupoint is located on the heart meridian with the Shaohai acupoint, it has an abbreviated international symbol in English as HT7.

You can review the exact location and determination of the Shenmen point in the HT7 video.

Acupoint HT7 _  Spirit Gate, Shenmen - Heart _ HT-7

Shenmen acupoint, also according to Eastern medicine documents, has calming and sedating effects and is often indicated to treat diseases related to the heart and nervous system. In fact, Shenmen acupoint has been used very effectively to treat insomnia, panic attacks, easy waking up, forgetfulness, confusion, nervous tension, depression, etc.

So, to treat the insomnia caused by the nervous tension mentioned today (Insomnia due to stress), how are we going to act on the Shenmen acupoint?

In fact, for Shenmen acupoint as well as most other acupoints, especially acupoints located away from the central nervous system, we can fully apply the 5 ways I just mentioned for Shaohai acupoint. . The above actions such as tapping, rubbing, deep pressing, pressing-releasing or pressing in a circle on the acupuncture points can all give good healing results.

However, for Shenmen acupoint and for insomnia related to states of mental “fire”, prolonged nervous tension, etc., you should use pressure techniques, which are best by pressing deeply and alternating with the technique of pressure in a circle on the acupoint.

First, we need to determine the correct location of the Shenmen acupoint.

Determine the exact location of the Shenmen acupoint

  • Identify the horizontal line indicating the wrist.
  • Divide this horizontal line into 3 equal segments.
  • The Shenmen acupoint is located at the very position of 1/3 of this wrist line.
Thần môn
Spirit Gate, Shenmen
La porte de l'esprit 
神門, shén mén
sin mun 신문, shin mon

Combination deep press – circle press

To press the Shenmen acupoint, it is best to press with the tip of the thumb. We can press with this hand position, or like that, it’s up to you.

The pressure must be strong enough to cause pain, and you must keep the pain within your tolerance. We maintain such strong pressure for a period of 5 to 15 seconds at your discretion. Then immediately proceed to the technique of pressing in a circle on the Shenmen acupoint, also with the same thumb. Such acupressure time is about 10-15 seconds.

Then you repeat the deep press – circle press cycle as above for about 2-5 minutes before moving on to work on the Shenmen acupoint with the other hand, using the same technique and impact time.

And, after having stimulated on the two acupoints of the heart meridian, the Shaohai and Shenmen acupoints mentioned above, we will move on to the third acupoint, which is the Neiguan.

The Neiguan acupoint _ PC6

The Neiguan acupoint is located on the pericardium meridian, abbreviated in English PC6. You can review where and how to precisely locate the Neiguan acupoint in the PC6 video.

Nội quan
Inner Pass, Neiguan
Passe intérieure
內關, 内关, nèi guān
nae gwan 내관, nai kan

Also according to Oriental Medicine documents, Neiguan acupoint has the ability to treat diseases with causes of unbalanced blood qi such as depression, heart attack, unstable blood pressure, etc., directly or indirectly causing insomnia chronic, insomnia due to stress.

Determine the exact location of the Neiguan acupoint

I would like to remind you how to get Neiguan acupoint:

  • Here is the gap between the M. palmaris longus and the M. flexor carpi radialis. The Neiguan acupoint is located in the space between these two tendons – muscles
  • Also, it is the line of the wrist, from this wrist we measure 2 CUN, which is 2 times the width of each person’s thumb.
  • Thus, this is the location of the Neiguan acupoint.

How to stimulate Neiguan acupoint

So, for the treatment of insomnia as today’s treatment goal, how are we going to affect the Neiguan acupoint?

Here I will practice with you on the Neiguan acupoint of my left hand.

Of course, there are many ways to effectively stimulate the Neiguan acupoint, such as deep pressing, circle pressing, tapping, or rubbing. However, here, in my opinion, you should use techniques in combination of deep pressure and circle pressure.

Concretely, we will use the tip of our thumb to press deeply into the Neiguan acupoint, we press with the tip of the thumb, the remaining fingers will stick to the back of the wrist to press. The pressure is strong enough to give pain within your tolerance limit. Such a deep press time is also 5-15 seconds at your discretion. Next, we immediately move to the acupressure point with the same clockwise or counterclockwise circle pressing technique that we just practiced above.

Circle pressure is also within 10-15 seconds. We then repeat the same cycle of deep pressure – pressure in a circle several times, for a duration of 2 to 5 minutes, before moving on to stimulate the Neiguan acupoint with the other hand, also with the same technique and a time of similar impact.

Finally, you can massage your hands for a few minutes, continue to relax your body, try to find positive reasons, think about positive and good things, smile to yourself with a good night’s sleep waiting for you.

Insomnia due to stress _ Acupressure _ Acupress V13:

Use more Acupress V3 – Massage An Mien Acupoint

In addition, when you go to bed or are in bed, if you wish, you can do a gentler rubbing on the two Anmien points behind the ears. I have been using it myself for a long time and I find it very very effective for good sleep and good dreams too!
The content of this exercise I have detailed instructions in Acupress V3. Please refer to more!

I wish you a good practice, very good night


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