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Muscle cramp _ Most leg cramps occur in the muscles of the legs, especially the calves. Muscle cramp can be caused by many different things. However, if there is no serious medical cause that requires medical intervention, the following exercise can also help you prevent and treat common muscle cramp very effectively.
I invite you to practice with me!


First of all, before practicing strong movement postures with quick and strong muscle stretches, we need to meditate and slowly stretch the ankle and knee muscles in diamond pose like this.

Diamond pose _ VIKUDO

The Diamond Pose is very important for all beginnings, helping the body to enter a state of physical and mental readiness in the smoothest and most natural way.
To prepare yourself both physically and mentally for this diamond pose, you need to focus on stretching the muscles of the upper thighs, knees, and ankles. Breathe regularly, slowly and deeply with the lower abdomen, 4 phases.
The length of time to practice the diamond pose depends on each person. However, in this practice, we will practice with me for 1 minute.
Note: The Diamond pose is often used to rest the body while remaining in a state of “working” actively but “gently”.


Once the body is aroused and ready, we move on to another kneeling position, similar to the diamond pose above, but with the tips of the toes tilted forward and against the floor.

Diamond variation pose _ VIKUDO

With your toes flexed forward, feel a great stretch in your toes as well as in your plantar fascia. During this time, the hands and shoulders relax naturally. The back is straight and can lean back slightly to increase pressure on the heels.
Always breathe regularly, slowly and deeply through the lower abdomen, 4 phases. You have to be especially careful not to be in too much of a hurry to force the muscles to stretch quickly and a lot of muscles when the body is not really ready and adapted.
When doing a toe and soles stretch like this, you can also adjust it by moving your knees forward slightly to increase the stretch in your toes and feet each time. when you feel possible and comfortable.


Next is the process of stretching the muscles behind the legs. The pose used here is with the right foot in front, the left foot behind with the toes tilted forward and resting on the floor as just before.
Sit on the left heel and straighten the right leg forward, being careful to straighten the hamstrings, the naturally right foot.

Head to knee variation pose

Next, we will fold the upper body over the right leg, in the order of the turn: The abdomen is pressed against the thigh, the chest is pressed against the knee, and finally the face will rest on the right tibia. Absolutely avoid leaning in such a way as to tilt the head forward and arch the back of the shrimp.
Please do this with me slowly, for at least 1 minute. Even in case your body is already flexible, you need to slowly bend according to the 4 phases of breathing to have a positive effect on the metabolic processes of the muscle cells as well as on the cells of the other organs of the body.
For this, it is necessary to combine two parallel but opposite movements which are both contraction and relaxation. Simultaneously coordinate rhythmically with 4 phases of slow, deep and uniform breathing with the lower abdomen.
Again, even if you have the ability to bend quickly, do not be impatient to make the movements too fast, which reduces the effectiveness of the prevention and treatment of diseases in general as well as the prevention and treatment of muscle cramp as the objective of this lesson. .
When you can rest your head on the shin like this, try to relax the muscles in your toe, left foot, and the back of your thigh, hamstrings, and right calves as much as possible. Always breathe evenly, slowly and deeply with your lower abdomen.
After resting for a moment in the diamond pose, do the same, with the left foot in front, the right foot behind for at least 1 minute. We also bend the upper body on the left leg, always in the order of proximity: abdomen-thighs, chest-knees, and finally, the head rests on the tibia.
If you’re not currently able to bend so close to your left leg, that’s okay. In front of you, do not hesitate to perform the pose according to your own abilities. It is important that you know how to focus on the movements that stretch the target muscles. In this pose, the main target muscles are the muscles of the right toe and foot as well as the muscles of the back thigh, hamstrings and left calf. Remember to always breathe in 4 phases with the lower abdomen, evenly, slowly and deeply.
After resting for a moment in the diamond pose, we will perform the hero pose for at least 1 minute.


In the hero pose, we will extend our heels and calves to the sides so that we can sit comfortably on the floor with our buttocks and place our weight on our buttocks lying on the floor.

Hero pose _ VIKUDO

In this position, the knee muscles will be stretched the most intensely. Then maybe the muscles above the thighs, the ankle muscles, etc.
After resting for a while in the diamond pose, we will do a pose called the lying hero pose (or Reclining hero pose) for 1 minute, which is more difficult than the aforementioned hero pose!


Of course, we go into the reclining hero pose through the hero pose, with our buttocks comfortably on the floor.
Then we will lie down on our backs. Please do it carefully with me, using your elbows to support you, lying on either side in turn and safely, don’t suddenly tip over.

Reclining hero pose _ VIKUDO

Then the head is resting on the floor, then the shoulders, and finally the whole back is flat on the floor. Relax your whole body in this pose and focus your attention on the breathing phases in the lower abdomen. The proper implementation of 4 phases of breathing will help you both move your muscles and relax them well. Again I repeat, four phase breathing is the key to successful implementation of muscle movement processes as well as conscious and mind control.
To get out of the reclining hero pose, you have to do a side roll to get each leg out of the pose easily and safely.


To end the session, you can relax your legs with leg shaking techniques like those shown in Relax V1 and Relax V2 relaxation exercises!

For someone who is suffering from muscle cramp but does not know how to do yoga, practicing relaxation movements like these can also be very good.

Relax V1 and Relax V2 _ VIKUDO

When moving from lying down to sitting down, you should always be careful to sit with leaning to one side to protect the spine when it is stretched and in a weak and vulnerable state.


The “spinal harmony” technique is a familiar and safe technique for people who do not currently suffer from serious spinal injuries.

You can practice these leg relaxation and spinal harmony techniques for as long as you want.


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Practice Youtube: Yoga VT22 _ Cramp _ Prevent and Treat

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