Yoga VT13 _ Prevent and treat Lumbar herniated disc _ P1

Intervertebral disc herniation in which the lumbar disc herniation is a disease that seriously affects the health and mobility of people.

Disc herniation occurs when unbalanced mechanical pressures cause the annulus fibrosus to deform, causing part of the nucleus pulposus to move.

The deformed annulus fibrosus and the nucleus pulposus will create lateral and / or posterior constraints, hampering nearby muscle functions and applying pressure to nearby nerves (typical symptoms of compressed nerve root).

If the herniated disc is not detected and treated early, the patient can suffer from many serious complications, affecting not only general health but also direct mobility.

Yoga VT13 is one of the methods to prevent and treat lumbar disc herniation from VIKUDO, it is freely for you if you need it. The exercise consists only of a number of very simple postures, easy to practice.

The difficulty of this exercise is that it requires the “depth” of the postures, the practitioner must try to achieve the “dynamic” in the “static” and vice versa, to ensure calm, deeply in practice. Throughout the movements in postures, slow and deep breathing in 4 phases with the lower abdomen is a must, you must try to breathe properly. If necessary, you should refer to Yoga V001 :


Yoga VT13 _ Prevent and treat Lumbar herniated disc _ P1

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