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Yoga for the face, dark circles and bags under eyes _ Yoga VT26

In general, sagging facial skin, dark circles and bags under the eyes can be a sign of poor sleep, eating problems, aging, or diseases such as liver, kidney, stomach, etc.

In addition to consulting a doctor for the root cause and treatment if you are having trouble with a particular disease, you can also refer to this exercise with me if it is suitable and with doctor’s approval.

The “Yoga for the face, dark circles and bags under eyes” is an exercise composed of poses ranging from easy to difficult arranged according to a logical logic both from a physiological point of view and from a technical point of view. Hopefully it will be able to accompany you on a daily basis, helping you quickly regain the natural beauty of your face with a radiant and youthful look that nature has bestowed on you and each of us.

Meditate in the Diamond Pose

Before each workout, you should meditate in the Diamond Pose for a few minutes. Preferably 5-10 minutes.

 tư thế Kim cương, yoga vt26, yoga vikudo, vikudo,

Child’s pose

In this Child’s pose, the practitioner can relax many different target muscle groups such as the ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, etc. But in this exercise, pay attention to the relaxation of the entire face. Placing your forehead on the ground, although of course you relax the whole body, but pay attention to the face only. You should feel your face relaxing, warming up and actively being supplied with blood. This pose will be a good starting point for the next inversion poses.

Tư thế em bé, tư thế đứa trẻ,yoga vt26, yoga vikudo, vikudo,

Please note that the rest time is not too short, lest the body be easily exhausted. At the same time, don’t rest too long to avoid letting the body lose the positive excitement that yoga practitioners often call the body “chilled” from too long a rest. In fact, a period of rest between vigorous movements, usually 15 to 30 seconds, is appropriate.

Downward facing dog

With our feet and hands in contact with the floor, our bodies form an inverted V on the floor.

Tư thế chó úp mặt. yoga vt26, yoga vikudo, vikudo,

Pay attention to straightening your legs, arms and back. Relax the shoulders, at the same time the head is also relaxed and tends to come closer and closer to the feet.
Always breathe regularly, slowly and deeply, 4 phases with the lower abdomen.

Downward facing dog on forearms

This is a basic yoga pose. However, in this pose of this therapy session, we are going to perform some techniques that can be quite difficult for some people. That is to say that the feet are always in contact with the ground without tilting the heels. At the same time, slowly bring your legs forward increasing the flexion at the hips.

Tư thế Chó úp mặt trên hai cẳng tay, yoga đẹp da mặt, yoga for the face, yoga pour le visage, yoga vt26, yoga vikudo, vikudo,

So we will strengthen the hamstring stretch, but the most important thing in this exercise is to strengthen the lumbar stretch, improve blood circulation in the face. At the same time, reinforce the push of the arms as well as the stability of the shoulders, which constitutes a good premise for the execution of the following poses.

Be careful not to move your feet too quickly, but move slowly. The important thing here is to create the adaptation of the body with all the organ systems being awake and working in rhythmic coordination, in which particular attention should be paid to the motor system which is muscle and bone, followed by the systems circulatory and respiratory, but above all, the positive excitation of the nervous system, in particular the autonomic nervous system – the nervous system that controls the movements of internal organs independently of people’s consciousness.

We will stop to some extent if we see the muscles stretching to the limit and resting in Child’s Pose, for 30 seconds. Place the forehead on the ground and always think about the relaxation of the face.

Headstand pose

If in the basic Headstand pose, we can put the top of the head on the floor. This will make improving cerebral blood circulation a priority.

Tư thế Trồng chuối cơ bản, yoga vikudo

However, in this pose today, we will place our forehead on the floor between our palms facing the floor, rather than placing the top of our head on the floor as in the basic Headstand pose. This will create more favorable conditions for facial blood circulation, including circulation around the eye socket. This will create more favorable conditions for facial blood circulation, including circulation around the eye socket. The way to practice such yoga poses is not only for the face but also for removing dark circles and puffiness

Tư thế Trồng chuối trên trán, yoga vikudo, yoga đẹp da mặt, yoga for the face, yoga pour le visage, yoga vt26, yoga vikudo, vikudo,

To perform this posture in the “softest” way, we move our legs forward as much as possible, so that our buttocks are as high as possible. Then gently lift each leg. Balance and stretch your legs toward the ceiling.

In this position, the weight of the body rests on the forearms and forehead. In addition to the stability of the spine and the legs, the hands will be responsible for maintaining the posture without tipping over.
Pay attention to breathing regularly, slowly and deeply with the lower abdomen, 4 phases.

Being in a completely yoga inverted pose like this, blood will rush to the head and face and thereby improve metabolic processes and renew cells. As a result, you will notice tension in your head and face.
However, if you breathe well through your lower abdomen, you will still get a good relaxation of the upper face without the phenomenon of overwork and headaches.

On the contrary, if you breathe from the chest and with shallow and short breaths, you will certainly find it very uncomfortable to be in this position.

One more thing, in this posture like the others in this article, if you can’t hold it as long as me or longer, there’s no need to worry. If you can fall after a few seconds, rest in Child’s Pose for a few seconds, then start again!

Additionally, you can also pause the video to do a certain pose multiple times before moving on to another pose with me.

Inverted pose on the forearms

1st way to enter the pose

This is a much more difficult pose than the one above. However, we always enter the pose in the same way as this.

First, we maintain the inverted pose on the forehead. Then slowly shift your body weight completely onto your arms. The upper body is properly adjusted to maintain balance.

Tư thế Đảo ngược trên cánh tay, yoga vikudo

And, I raise my head high, the forehead leaves the ground, the eyes look at the ground saying “goodbye”.
This moment of raising your head and lifting your forehead off the ground like this is a relatively difficult technique for many people, even for some people who have a certain level of yoga.

However, this technique is very important and is of great importance for the practice of yoga in general and for the treatment of diseases and the improvement of health in particular. I personally attach great importance to the principle of this technique. So try to practice to end this difficult moment!

Conversely, if you are just starting to practice yoga, you can also stop temporarily in the banana pose as above, then gradually complete this exercise over the coming weeks and months.

On the other hand, you can also perform poses with the help of your loved ones, or perform poses while leaning against a wall or a pillar, etc., which also have a good healing effect.

We come out of this position by placing our foreheads on the floor, then placing each foot on the floor gently and securely.

2st way to enter the pose

If above we did the inversion on the forearms lifting the head and lifting the forehead off the ground, we will now enter this pose in the opposite direction.

We get into position almost the same way as above, but the difference is that here our head does not touch the ground. All the weight of the body now rests on the forearms. Gently bounce your legs toward the ceiling and hold this position for as long as you want.

Tư thế Đảo ngược trên cánh tay, cách 2, yoga vikudo

Also a only yoga pose, but entering the pose in 2 different ways, you will be able to feel the difference of these 2 ways. Here I am not talking about the easy or difficult aspects of each method, but I want to highlight their effect on the process of affecting physical processes in the body. The effects of each pathway on the body, on the target muscle groups are very different and therefore the healing and improvement effects are also different. Practice and feel for yourself.

I would also be happy if you let me know how you feel in the comments, maybe today and maybe weeks and months later. Thanks in advance for that!

Please note that after any inversion, you should not sit up straight to avoid shock to cerebral blood flow. We will rest in Child’s pose for 30 seconds and then rest in Diamond pose for 15 seconds

These are the central techniques of this exercise, so please try to practice them with me with an appropriate intensity. If you can’t hold a posture for a long time, you will practice several times even if it’s only for a few seconds, 10 or 15 seconds is also fine, you keep doing the posture over and over.

Hands over eyes

To end the session and stay in this position with your head down, rub your palms together to warm them up, then press them against your eyelids for a moment.

Áp lòng bàn tay lên hốc mắt, yoga đẹp da mặt, yoga for the face, yoga pour le visage, yoga vt26, yoga vikudo, vikudo,

Do this several times before sitting in the Diamond Pose and completely completing today’s workout.

Thus, with just practicing a few basic yoga poses, your face will definitely become more and more beautiful, dark circles and eye bags will slowly disappear.

Wishing you good health and beauty,

Yoga for the face, dark circles and bags under eyes _ Yoga VT26

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