Yoga Vikudo, YogaV vikudo, YogaV KIENDOAN, YogaV 12

YogaV 12 _ Shoulder and back movements

Movement techniques of both arms, shoulder blades and upper back.

Next are the initial movements to relax the spine, followed by techniques to stretch each side of the back muscles and intercostal muscles.

Practitioners will continue to feel the really muscular movement, even if it is still relatively soft but also begins to require relatively strong and tempting lumbar pressure (as the third technique of the session).

The technique of pressing the lower abdomen on the thigh is a very important technique. It is the key to the success of other following techniques.

In any case, the first and constant requirement is to press the lower abdomen forward, before leaning the upper parts of the body.

If this is not possible, not only will it be difficult to implement subsequent folding techniques, but bending the wrong technique can easily cause severe damage to the spine. Please pay attention and spend a lot of time practicing this technique alone!

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