Vikudo B1 _ Lying down shoot the heel forward

Vikudo B1 _ Lying down shoot the heel forward

Before each session, you should meditate a few minutes or tens of minutes deep.

In this session, you will lie down deeply while breathing with your lower abdomen with me in a minute. It works very well for your physical and mental health.

The 4-phase breathing technique is very clearly stated in YogaV 001, you should refer to this video, the Yoga VIKUDO channel.

Again, we recall the content of the 4 phases of breathing is: Inhale – Compress – Exhale – Tighten the abdominal muscles.

Of course, when you practice martial arts, the intensity and the rhythm of the breathing cannot be the same as yoga, but according to the situation as well as the specific state of the physique, the breathing can be fast or slow, shallow or very deep.
However, there are many yoga techniques that can help you have a good physical core. Among the benefits that Yoga can bring to you, it is impossible not to mention flexibility, endurance and depth of your attack as well as your defense …
In addition, during the practice of martial arts, you will perfect the specific skills of martial arts, such as spring rebound, impact resistance as well as techniques and tactics of martial arts …

To start a long journey, it is a very basic and necessary step. It is about equipping the skills as well as the strength of the legs with feet.
Among the countless martial positions, the most passive and weakest posture is probably the supine position. Let’s start there!

The first lesson of the program is in the system of basic lessons (“Basic”), with the name “Vikudo B”, here it is “Vikudo B1 _ Lying down shoot the heel forward” can also say a lot of spirit of this technique.

With the direct heel kick forward, there are specific techniques in the world that can be different and we cannot easily say that one way or the other is good or bad, each technique can be adapted to a specific number of people, depending on their preferences and their psychological and physiological characteristics.

In order to shoot the heel forward like a bullet fired from the rifle, the practitioner must practice with solid targets, such as concrete, gravel, wood, iron … and they must be covered with a thin layer of foam to reduce trauma to skeletons and skin abrasions.
At the same time, the practitioner must also strictly follow the principle of “gradual increase” in the intensity and speed of the blows so that the body has enough time to adapt to it, absolutely not to be impatient.

For each technique, the duration indicated in the video is suitable for a normal person. You just have to train diligently every day, even if you make a soft stroke but with the right technique, the quality of your attack will improve markedly after only a few weeks.

I wish you good practice!
Feel free to send us your comments!
We always listen to your opinions, to offer you more and more quality exercises!

Youtube: Vikudo B1 _ Lying down shoot the heel forward


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