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Yoga VB29 _ Chair pose _ UTKATASANA _ Basic yoga

Utkatasana (OOT-kah-TAHS-anna) – The “Chair pose” is a difficult pose for the practitioner by an intense demand of the body from the inside to the outside, the effort to perform well each breath helps maintain balance at the same time with muscular effort to maintain a desired posture.

To accomplish this pose, the body necessarily has the concentration necessary in a truly tranquil and comfortable training environment.

Offset, the results that the practitioner can benefit from this pose are numerous and significant for physical and mental health. Above all, it is also very effectively applied in yoga therapy, curing some common illnesses that are difficult to treat with other therapies.

First of all, we must mention the effect of the chair pose on the body chakras. Among them, the Swadhisthana chakra – or the sacral chakra. It is the Chakra of the sacred region (lower abdomen), located in the groin region, which benefits from the most positive effects of this magic chair pose.
The chakras of Swadhisthana are very strong, with special meanings for basic emotional states, for sexual and reproductive capacity and for human creativity.
Physiologically, the Swadhisthana chakra is linked to the adrenal glands, the testicles or the ovaries, closely linked to the production processes of different types of sex hormones during birth cycles.
Therefore, this chakra is activated during the chair pose training, which will lead to a significant improvement in the production and activation of these hormones – that is not only positively improved sexual ability, reproduction, but can also greatly improve the mood, temperament and emotional state of the practitioner.

Swadhisthana chakra – or the sacral chakra. It is the Chakra of the sacred region (lower abdomen), located in the groin region, which benefits from the most positive effects of this magic chair pose.

In the chair pose, the body must maintain a desired “form”, which is defined at different levels over a period of a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the individual’s ability.
Therefore, during the maintenance of the posture, the body must mobilize an intense concentration of the whole central nervous system, both the brain and the spinal cord as well as the peripheral nerves to obtain a perfect coordination between the different parts of the body, helps the body both to keep “in form” and to maintain balance.
As a result, the entire back muscle, the leg muscles are intensified, the shoulder muscles, arms, forearms … are also strengthened and developed. The excess fat is actively burned, waist, thighs, arms, forearms, etc., becoming more and more toned.

Although superficially, we can see that the chair pose is relatively “quiet”, but the physiological motor processes inside the body take place in a very intense way. The circulatory, respiratory, digestive organs, etc. are very active and efficient, and therefore benefit from great and important advantages of the chair pose.

One very obvious advantage that chair pose brings to the practitioner is the ability to reduce stress. It is also thanks to a deep concentration, a calm and relaxed training environment that, when practicing this pose, it is easy to find a mastery – the capacity to control muscle concentration, and that of concentration under control.

Especially in terms of yoga therapy, the chair pose has great advantages, it can help the practitioner to quickly improve some common diseases that are difficult to treat with other therapies, such as flat feet, gout, arthritis, etc. For unhappy people who suffer from these pathologies, if you practice the chair pose regularly and correctly – with a methodical combination of a number of other suitable poses, the pains can be gradually controlled and pushed back. Yoga VIKUDO will offer you very effective yoga therapy exercises over the next few days.

Flat feet are a common deformation in the world with flat feet. This malformation causes pain in many parts of the body, causing serious damage to the spinal nerves and accelerating the rate of osteoarthritis.
A – Normal foot with normal arch.
B – Flat foot with fallen arch.

For those who suffer from the following diseases should pay attention:

  • People suffering from headaches should not practice the chair pose during the illness. Or if you practice but must have the advice of your doctor.
  • People with insomnia and people with low blood pressure: should not practice the chair posture, or if you want to train, you must do additional exercises with reverse postures after each session of the chair pose (please refer to Yoga VT9)


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