CUN- acupoint VIKUDO

Locate acupoints on the body

In order to use acupoints for acupressure, acupuncture or martial arts with good results, you must first locate exactly the acupoints on the subject’s body.

There are many ways to measure acupuncture points relatively accurately, such as: visual estimation for experienced people or measurement with a special measurement unit called “CUN”.

The length of “CUN” is personal, it is closely related to the size of each person.

This means that for ordinary people, the taller the person, the longer their “CUN” length and vice versa.

Therefore, in order to find the right acupoint for a person, one must use the “CUN” unit of that person himself.

Of course, in practice with many complicated situations, it is necessary to be flexible and combine many different measures such as comparison, visual estimation, etc.

Here’s how to use the subject’s fingers to measure acupoints. It’s easy to apply:

  • The width of the thumb (at the level of the root of the nail) = 1 CUN
  • The width of the index and middle finger close together = 1.5 CUN
  • The width of 4 close fingers: index, middle, ring and little finger = 3 CUN.

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