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Acupressure for diabetes _ Acupressure _ Acupress V14


Diabetes, i.e. sweet urine disease, is a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood sugar levels due to decreased insulin secretion or the action of insulin.

There are many forms of diabetes, including type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes currently has no method of prevention in medicine, but for type 2 diabetes we can use many different ways to help control blood sugar and thus prevent and reverse diabetes.

In addition to applying lifestyle changes, eating and living healthy combined with physical and mental exercises. Currently, there are also many therapies that have been and are being applied to prevent and treat cases of type 2 diabetes, such as the use of drugs and the non-use of drugs, depending on each location as well as the conditions and individual preferences.

Non-drug, simple, economical and sustainable therapies applied by many people all over the world include yoga, taichi, acupuncture, massage, acupressure, etc.


Acupressure therapy is a drug-free method that has proven to be very effective, which has been scientifically proven by numerous studies.

The use of acupressure therapy allows to control the level of blood lipids very well, to control well the pathological states related to the kidneys, to the nerves, to the retina etc… and especially to very well control the level of sugar in the blood and thus make a positive contribution to the prevention and reversal of diabetes.

Perhaps there are many ways to understand and explain this miracle of massage therapy, acupressure for diabetes.

However, if you look at it from a certain angle, an energy blockage for any reason can lead to medical conditions for the body. However, the acupuncture points in the human body are the “lattice” points of energy flow. Act on these acupuncture points, whether it is light touch, tapping, deep pressing, acupuncture or moxibustion or pressing, massaging, etc. it can have great effects on these “lattice” points and therefore where blood qi flows, energy flows and balances. Thus, the organ systems of the body also regain their balance and harmony, the digestive system becomes more capable of absorbing, producing and storing energy, the nervous system is released transmitter without inhibition or obstruction. And likewise, circulatory systems, immune systems, etc. simultaneously regain active and balanced functioning. Diseases, including diabetes, are also controlled and warded off.

If you also have blood sugar problems that are not type 1 diabetes, you can definitely refer to the exercise that I present to you here. The acupressure exercise for diabetes.

I hope that in addition to the good practice of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, involving a healthy and reasonable diet, work and rest, this exercise can help you. Through daily massage and acupressure, gradually reduce blood sugar and control blood sugar, keeping blood sugar levels always at a safe level.

Detailed information about blood sugar level, pre-diabetes status, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, etc. have also been very well explained by me in various articles and videos. Some links I put here. If you have any need, please consult more!


To practice massage, acupressure for diabetes (prevention and treatment), there are many therapies and there are also many acupuncture points which have been clearly recorded in traditional medicine documents and which have also been applied by oriental medicine doctors and introduced on many information channels on websites.

However, today I would like to introduce you to a massage practice, classical acupressure, using 3 important acupuncture points: Sanyinjiao, Diji and Zhangmen acupoints.

To follow and practice this exercise, we must sit on a firm reclining chair. Then you can practice massage, reflexology for yourself anywhere and in any position that suits you.

Sanyinjiao acupoint SP6

First, we will act on the Sanyinjiao acupoint.

Sanyinjiao acupoint is the 6th point on the spleen meridian, you can take a closer look at the location and how to accurately determine the location of Sanyinjiao acupoint in the SP6 video.

Acupoint SP6 _ Three Yin Intersection, Sanyinjiao _ Spleen _ SP-6, bấm huyệt trị tiểu đường, bam huyet tri tieu duong, tiểu đường, tieu duong, acupression pour le diabète, acupressure for diabetes, acupress v14,

Sanyinjiao acupoint has long been known to be applied in classical exercises to treat diseases related to gynecology, andrology, etc.

However, the Sanyinjiao acupoint also has effects that are directly related to the functions of the spleen and the spleen and then the pancreas with the secretion and action of insulin, directly affecting the blood sugar status.

And, in this exercise, we will act on the Sanyinjiao acupoint first to activate and coordinate it to increase the treatment efficiency for the other acupoints in the acupressure exercise for diabetes.

Find the Sanyinjiao acupoint

To get the Sanyinjiao acupoint for massage and acupressure like the content of this article, you only need a few simple steps to determine its location.

The Sanyinjiao acupoint is located 3 CUN from the top of the ankle, near the posterior medial edge of the tibia.

You can take a closer look in the Sanyinjiao acupoint SP6 video

Stimulate acupoint Sanyinjiao

Stimulate Sanyinjiao acupoint
To stimulate the Sanyinjiao acupoint, there are many easy ways you can refer to, for example, here I introduce a technique called the “Press-Release” technique, specifically:

  • We put our shins horizontally on the bench, then we can use the tips of our thumbs, or the middle phalanges of our middle fingers, or even the phalanges – hands, then press-release directly in the acupuncture point. The pressure is relatively strong, enough to cause pain within your tolerance.
  • With the support of the other hand, we can exert a great influence on the Sanyinjiao acupoint, which can be done even during breaks and relaxation sessions. The time needed to act on this point continuously is about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • After that, we use the heel of the hand to press directly on the acupoint for a while, before moving on to stimulate the Sanyinjiao acupoint of the other leg, with the same technique and the same stimulation time.
  • In addition, when you master it, you can also act on the Sanyinjiao acupoint while lying down, for example, when you are in bed, you can use the heel on this side to directly press the Sanyinjiao acupoint on the other side leg, also with the pressure intensity within pain tolerance and with a continuous time of 3-5 minutes is appropriate.

Diji acupoint

After affecting the Sanyinjiao acupoint on both legs, we will move on to the second point of today’s exercise, which is the Diji acupoint.

bấm huyệt trị tiểu đường, bam huyet tri tieu duong, tiểu đường, tieu duong, acupression pour le diabète, acupressure for diabetes, acupress v14, diji. dia co, huyet dia co,

Like the Sanyinjiao acupoint, the Diji acupoint is also located on the spleen meridian and since ancient times the Diji acupoint has always been considered the first “choice” in the development of a specific therapy for a patient to prevent and treat diabetes.

And, in oriental medicine, the Diji acupoint has been considered a signal point for diabetes, because it has the particularity that if a diabetic person presses on this acupoint, it will be very painful, we can even say that it is extremely painful.

Find the Diji acupoint

You can take a closer look at where and how to precisely locate the Diji acupoint in the SP8 video.

Stimulate Diji acupoint

There are many ways to act on the Diji acupoint, depending on the state of health and individual preferences. Here, I suggest using the tip of your thumb, one hand, or preferably both, so you get less tired and stay interested longer. The technique used here is also “Press-Release” with sufficient pain intensity within your tolerance. Such continuous acupressure time also lasts about 3-5 minutes.

bấm huyệt trị tiểu đường, bam huyet tri tieu duong, tiểu đường, tieu duong, acupression pour le diabète, acupressure for diabetes, acupress v14,

After that, you should also use the back of your hand to squeeze the acupoint for a while before moving to the Geji point on the other leg, with the same technique and impact time.

Zhangmen acupoint

After finishing impacting the Sanyinjiao and Diji acupoints on both legs, we will act on the last acupoint, which is the Zhangmen acupoint.

Chương môn
Zhangmen, Gate of the Ordering
Porte de l'Ordre
章門, zhāng mén
jang mun 장문, shō mon

The Zhangmen acupoint is the 13th point located on the liver meridian. Since ancient times, the Zhangmen acupoint has been associated with the name “The acupoint for treating diabetes”.

In fact, Zhangmen acupoint is often applied by oriental medicine doctors to treat diseases related to weak spleen, blood congestion, melancholy, anorexia, indigestion, swollen liver and throat. spleen, etc. At the same time, the Zhangmen acupoint is considered one of the three important acupoints in a set of “three legendary acupoints” for the treatment of diabetes: Sanyinjiao, Diji and Zhangmen.

Find the Zhangmen acupoint

You can review the location and how to accurately determine the Zhangmen acupoint in video LV13.

Stimulate Zhangmen acupoint

To stimulate Zhangmen acupoint, we also have many ways. But here I would like to introduce you to a very simple treatment that is easy to implement but very effective.

To do this, we must sit in a recliner and lean back as much as possible, so that the ribs are raised as high as possible.

Then, just like in the LV13 video content, I carefully guided how to find the Zhangmen acupoint. The Zhangmen acupoint is located just at the beginning of the 11th rib, it is the end of the free rib, i.e. it is not connected to the sternum like the 10 pairs of ribs above.

And, instead of acting aimlessly and superficially on an entire abdomen at the point of the elbow, we will try to act precisely on the correct position of the Zhangmen acupoint, that is to say at the end of this 11th rib.

We sit and raise our ribs as naturally as possible.

We will use the 2 heels of hands to push directly into the 2 areas of the Zhangmen acupuncture points on both sides, that is, we will press the ends of the 2 11th ribs located on the 2 sides.

Both hand heels press in a circle, counterclockwise and clockwise according to each hand.

The pressure on the acupuncture point is also relatively strong, although it does not cause too much pain, it also causes positive stimulating pressure on the acupuncture point.

Note that it is possible for some to make a mistake doing this. That is, they believe that it is necessary to massage the internal organs. Specifically here, inside which is closest to the outside, the liver on the right side, the stomach on the left side. The aim is to impact the Zhangmen acupoint, but directly massaging the liver and stomach is not correct, nor is it effective in treating diabetes as the aim of this exercise.

In fact, you can press the Zhangmen acupoint on both sides for a continuous period of 3-5 minutes. But if you press gently, it may last longer, maybe even 10 minutes.

Moreover, you can also massage the Zhangmen aucupoint while you are in bed. It is best before going to bed and right after waking up.

In short, with a set of 3 important points mentioned above, namely Sanyinjiao, Diji and Zhangmen, you should train yourself to massage them and act regularly and regularly. Think of it as an exercise of a lifetime for you.

An active and healthy life cannot be complete without exercise and if you have blood sugar issues, add this massage and acupressure to the same list as your daily workout items.

I wish you a good practice, practice diligently. Acupressure for diabetes _ Effective prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Acupressure for diabetes _ Acupressure _ Acupress V14

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