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Yoga lowers blood lipids and sugar _ Yoga therapy _ Yoga VT27

Cholesterol and blood sugar

Fats and sugars in the blood are also known as blood fats and blood sugar. When the ratio of fat and sugar components in the blood is too high, reaching a certain threshold will lead the body to many often dangerous or even extremely dangerous medical conditions that directly threaten the patient’s life, such as stroke, heart attack, myocardium, etc.

Glycemie, Yoga giảm mỡ máu và đường huyết, yoga chữa bệnh, yoga réduit les lipides et la glycémie, yoga thérapie, yoga lowers blood lipids and sugar, yoga therapy, yoga vt27, yoga giam mo mau, yoga giam duong huyet,

High cholesterol increases the risk of diabetes

Blood lipids, a specific component of which is bad cholesterol in the blood, are directly related to the state of the walls of blood vessels, and are also directly related to blood pressure and the functioning of the circulatory system. In addition, blood fats and cholesterol are closely related to blood sugar levels and of course play an important role in the development of diabetes.

yoga giảm mỡ máu và đường huyết, yoga chữa bệnh, yoga réduit les lipides et la glycémie, yoga thérapie, yoga lowers blood lipids and sugar, yoga therapy, yoga vt27, yoga giam mo mau, yoga giam duong huyet,

Even when diabetes issues are not discussed, blood lipid issues are inherently very difficult and in dire need of resolution. However, knowing that blood lipids and diabetes are different problems, but they have close pathological links and therefore they have the same things that need to be addressed.

Lowering blood fats also lowers the risk of diabetes

Reducing excess fat in the blood also means reducing bad cholesterol in the blood and therefore reducing the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

At the same time, reducing bad cholesterol in the blood also reduces the risk of hyperglycemia and thus reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Practicing yoga to reduce blood fat, reduce blood sugar

Yoga lowers blood lipids and sugar. Among the many therapies that can solve this problem, yoga has also been scientifically proven to be a very effective non-drug treatment. In fact, yoga can reduce body fat, regulate blood sugar, limit insulin resistance, and improve nervous system function.

Yoga has the ability to relieve stress, lower blood sugar, and improve insulin response. At the same time, yoga also regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels, so it plays an important role in limiting the development of diabetes and its complications.

Finally, when practicing yoga, the pancreas is actively stimulated to secrete insulin, the hormone important in regulating blood sugar levels.

Here is a little yoga exercise, consisting of some simple and easy to follow classic yoga poses, which can help you reduce fat and blood sugar very effectively and safely.

Please note that this exercise is not for people with a herniated disc, especially a herniated cervical disc.


Meditate with the Diamond Pose

Before going into the workout, you should meditate in the Diamond Pose like this for a few minutes. This will help you enter other postures smoothly and the workout will be more effective and of better quality.

Tư thế Kim cương, Posture du diamant, Diamond pose

Starting position

We will perform the pose with each leg raised, facing the ceiling like this. 30 seconds for each leg.
Notice how your legs are extended toward the ceiling while releasing your waist to the floor. At the same time, always breathe through the lower abdomen and bring the breath into the lower abdomen.

yoga giảm mỡ máu và đường huyết, yoga chữa bệnh, yoga réduit les lipides et la glycémie, yoga thérapie, yoga lowers blood lipids and sugar, yoga therapy, yoga vt27, yoga giam mo mau, yoga giam duong huyet,

After 30 seconds for that leg, you switch to do the same for the other leg, also for 30 seconds.
Formally, this starting posture will probably be very simple for many people. However, for a very correct and adequate posture, there is a lot of work to be done.

Specifically, you need to do two very important things while maintaining this leg position.
First is – you should always breathe through your lower abdomen and 4 phases are best.

Second, you must also maintain air mass in your lower abdomen at all times, just as you must breathe and lift something that is resting on your belly.

Therefore, at this time, you can feel that your abdominal organs are also under very strong pressure from your abdominal muscles and they move with your breath.

Legs Up The Wall Pose

After doing the starting position, lifting each leg high, we will now lift both legs towards the ceiling. It is a posture with the legs against the wall.

Tư thế dựa chân vào tường,	 Legs Up The Wall Pose, Jambes contre le mur, Viparita Karani

The time to hold the pose is also 30 seconds.

Make sure that the whole back and waist are glued to the floor and, thus, the legs are stretched up to the ceiling.

Breathe through the lower abdomen and compress the air in the lower abdomen, maintaining energy and strength in the core.

Inverted Lake Pose

To do the “Inverted lake pose”, starting with your feet against the wall.

We put our hands under the buttocks, then we use our hands to support the movement of the abdominal muscles, back muscles, etc. to raise the buttocks high, and at the same time, the feet move forward.

The legs are straight, the back is straight, they form an elongated V on the side. The center of gravity of the body is mainly located on the shoulders. Hands and head help maintain a stable pose.

Tư thế đảo ngược trên vai, Inverted Lake Pose, Posture inversée sur les épaules, Viparita Karani Mudra

Always breathe through your lower abdomen. Emphasizing that the key to healing here is being able to breathe through your lower abdomen.

In this position, the internal organs of the abdomen will tend to drop down and press against the diaphragm.

Abdominal breathing through the abdominal muscles will transform our abdomen into a big pump, changing the volume and therefore in addition to moving the lungs for gas exchange, it also moves the organs of the abdomen, in which the liver, intestines, stomach, spleen etc. are also active and strongly stimulated – stimulated in an inverted position unlike the usual positions.

Slowly move into plow pose

To pass to this plow pose, slowly lift your butt even higher.

Tư thế cái cày, Plow Pose, La Charrue, HALASANA,

You will feel the weight of the body shifting more and more towards the head, so our head and neck have to work harder each time. At the same time, you may also find it harder to breathe. Therefore, you should also train very slowly at this stage, do not raise your buttocks too high if you have trouble breathing.

Let’s practice slowly

Indeed, in this position, the practitioner must work the muscles of the neck a lot to prevent the throat from being too bent, which would lead to a blockage of the airways. Therefore, we definitely need time to practice in order to acquire this ability.

Also, whenever you feel short of breath, stop bending your neck and even come out for a moment for a lying position before starting again.

On the contrary, even if you were able to practice the candle pose or the plow pose to do these poses easily, you should practice it very slowly like this if you have the goal of curing the disease, in particular here is the goal reduce blood fat and blood sugar (Yoga lowers blood lipids and sugar).

In addition, I would like to add that practicing this exercise can also cure some cases of insomnia, especially cases of insomnia caused by disorders of cerebral blood circulation.

So in any case, to practice healing, you have to practice the postures slowly, even very slowly in many cases.

Although we try to use many organs such as hands, head, neck, spine, legs, etc. to maintain the desired state, you need to focus your attention on your abdomen as well as the conscious breathing processes. You can imagine the movement of internal organs such as liver, intestines, stomach, spleen etc. In fact, it is very crowded because there is so much excess fat in the abdomen that the whole abdomen turns into a lump, difficult to move. Such people should definitely practice this exercise and exercises with similar goals more actively.

Until you can, try to touch the ground with your tiptoes.

Try to gradually relax into this position for a short time, then come out safely, supporting your buttocks.

Pay attention to ensure the airway through the neck

Try to strengthen your neck muscles to ensure that the airways in your throat are not kinked, which will hamper the breathing process which should always be normal.

At the same time, the back must also become flexible to reduce the degree of tension in the throat.

In addition, the arms and shoulders are also well coordinated when maintaining the posture and ensure the movement of the body in an inverted position, flexing, tense and breathing hard.

You can practice these postures several times in one session. However, for an average person, practicing 3-5 times and with a time capacity of 1-3 minutes for each posture is appropriate.

Restoration posture

After doing the above inversions, you need to restore your body with baby pose.

Specifically, you need to extend your thighs out to the sides so that you can drop your abdomen down the middle, enhancing back and neck spine relaxation.

At the same time, it is necessary to stretch the spine, extend the arms forward, which helps to improve the relaxation of the aforementioned spine and neck.

Also, resting your forehead on your biceps or placing your chin on the floor… will also help with these relaxation processes.

Diamond pose is always a necessary position for the start and end of a workout, especially sessions with space poses.

I wish you a good practice, quickly control your blood lipid and blood sugar.

Yoga lowers blood lipids and sugar _ Yoga therapy _ Yoga VT27:

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