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YogaV-Ex1: Exercises for the Center – The Secret of Successful Yoga

Speaking of central exercises means exercises that move the joints of the central part of the body. Specifically, the movement techniques at the center are the movement techniques of the abdomen, waist and hips, and so on.

But there is a more central movement technique that plays a more important role than anything else, both the key and the core and the heart of success, which is breathing in the lower abdomen.

If only to have good health, even if just inhaling and exhaling with the lower abdomen is already very good and also very encouraging for everyone.

But if it is practical and effective for yoga activities, not only in terms of muscle movement, but also in terms of health (physical and mental), it is necessary to breathe well with the lower abdomen, with breathing patterns that we learned in YogaVs sessions.

Breathe slowly, inhale or exhale according to the count.
This means that if you have 4 seconds to inhale, do not take it for only 2 seconds.

During compression, compress only the lower abdomen. All other areas of the body, perform specific tasks for each exercise or relax as much as possible.

While exhaling, exhale slowly, exhale sparing without being exhausted before 7 seconds.

When it comes to compressing the lower abdomen too, even if you have to squeeze it to try to get the air out quickly, you should always follow the principle of not finishing before 4 seconds. This will facilitate the execution of the movements.

Hope you will better understand how to breathe through the lower abdomen at the desired speed, whether it is a short 2552 breath or a long 4774, practice slow breathing. Especially when you exhale, you should exhale slowly, exhale while saving air in your abdomen, absolutely not expire when there is still time.

I wish you to practice breathing to succeed in yoga!

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