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YogaVB 18 _ How to do Wind Relieving Pose _ PAVANAMUKTÂSANA _ Basic Yoga

The posture “Wind Relieving Pose” _ PAVANAMUKTASANA in this video is practiced in 3 variants:

  • Sitting by squeezing two shins_ Upavishta Pavanamuktâsana
  • Lying and pulling a single shin _ Ekapâda Pavanamuktâsana
  • Lying and pulling both shins _ Dvipada Pavanamuktasana or Dwi Pada Pavanamuktasana

In all cases, the practitioner must practice successively different stages of each position: stretching of the spine, relaxation of the waist and hips … then the stage of folding the head and bringing the chin to the knees, etc. ..

Be sure to associate well with “4-cycle” breathing cycles to enhance the stretching effect of linked muscle groups.


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