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Yoga VB39 _ YOGA MUDRASANA _ Yoga Seal Pose

For many people, being able to sit well in the “Lotus Pose” was also a big challenge. Therefore, continuing to practice the posture called “Yoga Seal Pose” is indeed a difficulty that is not easily overcome on the first day, the second day …

However, if you practice YogaVB 1 well with the correct steps as indicated, the successful practice of the “Yoga Seal Pose” will only be a matter of time.

In addition to the spiritual aspect, if considered in terms of physical aspects, the benefits of this posture can bring to the practitioner is far beyond the “Lotus Pose”.


  • Strengthens the spine, back, shoulders
  • Stretches the posterior muscles of the body and the neck
  • Reduces the rigidity of the waist, upper back and shoulders
  • Improves muscle tone and venous circulation of the spine
  • Stimulates the abdominal organs through deep compression
  • Stimulates the excretory system, the reproductive system
  • Reduces constipation, firms the uterus after childbirth
  • Helps to have a clear mind, positive emotions


  • Injury to the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hips, knees, ankles
  • Serious problem in the spine, herniated disc
  • High blood pressure

Exercises are practiced in 2 levels:

  • Level 1: Use your hand to pull the knee
    At this level, the goal is to stretch the muscles in the back, lumbar, hip and leg muscles …
  • Level 2: When the aforementioned muscles have been able to stretch necessary, the practitioner needs to use the abdominal muscles, back muscles to lower the upper body forward without using the help of two hands. This is a difficult task, requiring two simultaneous muscle states: contraction of the motor muscles (the back and abdominal muscles) and the stretching of the muscles that hinder the movement such as the muscle groups outlined in the ” Level 1 “above.

Obviously, to be able to practice this lesson, you must practice well before YogaVB 1


Yoga VB1 _ How to do Lotus pose _ PADMASANA _ Basic Yoga

Yoga VB39 _ YOGA MUDRASANA _ Yoga Seal Pose


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