YogaVT 5 _ Lower Back Love | Yoga for Back pain – P2 _ Yoga therapy

For your training to be safe and to be best possible, please see the important notes on back pain in the Life 14 video on the Life anvui channel, click here

And you must also make sure that you can do well YogaVT 4, click here

For many types of back pain, although there are still not many other therapies for effective treatment, both medically and economically, yoga is a great way to respond to almost every practical requirement:

Yoga helps strengthen the body, helping the body to heal wounds and diseases quickly. Thus, not only through yoga to cure diseases, but also to constantly improve health, both physical and mental, yoga helps not only to repel and eliminate back pain, but also to prevent, repel and eliminate a myriad of other diseases that always hide.

Each person who practices yoga can fully take the initiative on time and at certain times, according to their own conditions and circumstances.

Practicing yoga does not require a lot of money or other material conditions, the practitioner can train completely almost anytime, anywhere, in a totally proactive way.

I wish you to practice successfully, heal quickly!

Van-Kien DOAN Maître VIKUDO Docteur en Physio-Pathologie


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