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Symphony No.5 (by Beethoven)

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Symphony No. 9, masterpiece of humanity, musical phenomenon from this time to the present day and perhaps even in the future.

Symphony No. 9 was accompanied by the Apollo 11 spacecraft in a small disc leading to the moon in 1969 and was located on the “Pacific Ocean” there, with the greetings of the American leader and dozens of other countries. The message of peace has been integrated into a great symphony in such an extraordinary way.

It was Symphony No. 9 that became the song, praising the Berlin Wall for being broken. It is then Symphony No. 9 which became the European Symphony. And, in many international activities, Symphony No. 9 is still solemnly invoked to affirm the spirit of peace, charity and filial piety of humanity.

Beethoven composed this symphony in a very special situation: the ears were completely deaf! He finished this work in 1824 after years of “pregnancy”, of reflection and extreme despair in the tragic situation of humanity in his eyes.

Boredom and despair with the deafening, panic and chaotic sounds that open up the work, the listeners as well as the broken “being”.

Tia hoped that somewhere would come out, making the listener come out of the chaotic realm so that he would come to desire, to the hope of freedom, to be liberated.

Beethoven was the first to put the song into a symphony, creating a unique and powerful effect on the wish for peace.

Work has created a great thing, has “conquered” millions of hearts over the past centuries. However, the author could not hear during his lifetime, he could only hear with his own heart.

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