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VIKUDO _ Self Defense & Combat will be released soon to welcome you who love the martial arts

VIKUDO’s training program on self-defense and combat is being developed to offer to my near and far friends in the near future. Hopefully, thanks to this program, you can first grasp the basic spirit, whose fundamental principle is “Defeat yourself before you want to outdo the others”, followed by a system of martial art techniques, beginner to advanced – in a very special condition: “self learn”.

This is a big challenge for programmers as they have to change their training method from the traditional way of teaching in class with teachers, students and peers, where learners can directly learn from their masters and share his experiences with his peers, – to a modern method, when the distance between the teacher and the learner was thousands of kilometers away, knowledge was transmitted in a completely indirect way through channels, “listen – see ” by Internet. Therefore, we pay particular attention to compiling the content of the program so as to ensure the transmission of the desired knowledge, but also to ensure simplicity and intimacy in the way of speaking, expressed in such a way that the whole world, at any level, can easily understand.

In addition to the irreparable disadvantages of geographical distance, this new approach also has many advantages, namely that if the learner has a high self-discipline and determination, wishing to progress, it is easy to achieve success:

First, learning martial arts via the Internet is fully proactive over time and can be practiced at a time that suits your interests and circumstances.

Secondly, learning martial arts via the internet can proactively organize a favorite space, even if it’s small, it’s easy to get the calm and concentration you need. Conversely, if some of you have planned to study in groups of several people, it is easy to share and to experience the knowledge acquired. At the same time, always practice the opposing resistance exercises offered by the program.

Third, economic efficiency is an important factor to note. If you learn martial arts in this way, you are totally exempt from “tuition fees” and still acquire all the necessary knowledge, such as when you were taught by masters directly in the training room, without any difference in terms of knowledge. We would love to hear that this makes sense for someone who is passionate but has financial difficulties.

Finally, I hope that in the near future, not long after VIKUDO has stabilized the publication on YogaV and health, you will join us to practice together. It is a path of “cultivation” full of hard work but extremely attractive with a cold head and a passionate heart!

Some pictures of training classes in Vietnam almost 30 years ago.
These students from that time are now between 50 and 60 years old now.
I often think of you even if I can not remember your faces and your names.
Wishing you always happy and healthy. If you can, come back and practice with us!
Depending on the conditions, you will choose an appropriate exercise program yourself.

Master Van-Kien DOAN

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