Piano vikudo

Elderly learns the piano himself

I am not very old, but not young with the age of over 50.
All my life pursuing a great passion is martial arts and yoga. Besides, I also love many other things, including the piano.
I started studying piano myself a few months ago, the more I learned it, the more interested it is. Unfortunately, I can only spend a few dozen minutes a day for the piano.
I want to share this with you and hope you have a deep sympathy. It seems that this is an expression of my difficult piano practice. If you can, give me a sincere encouragement. If possible, let me accompany you more or less with your passion for piano!
I practice the piano according to some main “methods” like:

  • Méthode Rose
  • Alfred’s Basic adult Piano Course
  • etc.
    The exercises I practice will be put in a separate “Playlist” for easy reference.


(Thanks for your encouragement!)

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