EHV 3 _ ACM juice, eat healthy vikudo

EHV 3 _ ACM Plus juice _ Improve eyesight, clean blood vessels

Do you know?

Apples and carrots are hailed as the queen of juices, because not only do they give them a lot of juice, but above all their amazing properties. Soft, chewy, easily combined with many juices of other vegetables and fruits.
At the same time, the most important thing is that they have a lot of health benefits. Well, each juice recipe will be targeted to specific targets.
In this juice recipe, I call “ACM Plus”, the letter A means apple, the letter C is carrot, the letter M is milk and the word “Plus” also means, in in this case, the “plus” ingredient is honey.
Of the above ingredients fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots or honey, maybe you and a lot of people know they are very healthy and I don’t have to say much here.
Here I just want to point out to you the use of milk which maximizes the value of your juice. Because I know a lot of people and even myself, we only consume skimmed milk every day
(the milk was stripped of all fats, only protein remained), but here you should use whole milk, because the fats in it will help to dissolve and help us absorb the best fat-soluble vitamins (for example vitamin A, vitamin K, etc.) are abundant in carrots.
Remember, we make foods and beverages that target specific health goals, not just regular beverages.
Therefore, you must also accept the above-mentioned amount of fat in this glass of juice, and in order to improve eyesight as well.
In addition, if we combine well with many different types of juice every day, depending on the specific state of health of each person, we will completely control the lack or excess of substances, so that we can actively adjust the menu per day. .

This way the glass of juice will be of the highest quality if we drink it as soon as possible. However, it is still very good if left in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Goodbye and see you soon!

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