Winter is coming quickly, so quickly. To “green” our living room, it is necessary to have a lighting system suitable for plants to ensure the process of photosynthesis.

By seeing the need and thinking about it, we realize that our neighbors in front of us have used this method for a long time. No wonder their living room “is always bright”, but it’s only us who have not paid attention.

Enter Google, we find that there are all kinds of colors, but most are dark red, purple … we do not like.

The natural light of the sun is a rarer color here, but there are some options available.

At amazon, the prices of these lamps are also very correct, the shape and color are in line with expectations.

After searching, in the end, we agreed on this lamp, hoping it would “cover” all our trees.

Here are two options, both attractive, but in the end we chose one!

iPower 54W 4 Feet T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Stand Rack for Seed Starting Plant Growing, 6400K

Jump Start 4′ T5 Grow Light System (Stand, Fixture & Tube)

And, this is our “Green Winter” this year!

Fluorescent grow light _ VIKUDO

Ready to welcome a rich and unique winter of Canada