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Life 49 _ Cold Feet and Hands

Normally, our bodies have excellent physiological mechanisms that help them adapt to changes in the environment.

When it’s cold outside, the blood vessels in our feet and hands constrict, preventing heat loss and keeping the body warm. However, this is only the body’s natural reflex, which kicks in in a short time and has a temporary effect. If the body is exposed to cold for a long time, the aforementioned vasoconstriction will most likely cause a lack of oxygen and nutrients, and can even cause very serious damage, usually necrosis. Parts of the body exposed to cold for too long and too much cold.

However, if you have not had a serious health problem before, but only get cold hands and feet when it is cold, you just need to be careful to reinforce the usual measures with clothes and clothes. heating equipment. Keeping your little environment warm is enough to protect your health. And it is that we are talking about the cold in terms of external conditions, very easy to understand and very easy to take simple steps to improve the situation.

But, if it has nothing to do with the weather, cold hands and feet are constantly uncomfortable.
Or, if you notice other symptoms like a change in the color of your finger, you certainly shouldn’t be too worried, but you will have plenty to do.

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