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There are many different therapies for preventing and treating insomnia. In addition to exercises such as Yoga VT3, the uses of essential oils Life 16, 19, 21 etc …, VIKUDO will continue to offer you even more remedies for this disease – silent but frightening.
VIKUDO’s coherent vision is to respect nature, to rely on nature and to adhere to it. Do not use drugs at all if there are still possible non-drug options.

With the prevention and cure of insomnia by the method of using acupoints. VIKUDO will not distribute articles that require too professional knowledge and skills such as acupuncture (needle treatments). However, VIKUDO will give you 2 approaches that are most feasible for a large number of people without professional knowledge and skills:

  • Self-massage – reflexology
  • Use an electronic acupuncture pen

The first way has exceptional features is convenience, not expense. Can practice anywhere, anytime. On the contrary, it also has an equally important disadvantage, that is to say that it requires a lot of physical effort in practice and that it is easy to cause pain in the affected area – immediately or after.

The second way, using an electronic acupuncture pen (Acupen). If used correctly as in the content of VIKUDO tutorials, it will completely overcome the disadvantages of Method 1 mentioned above. The patient will benefit from an extremely pleasant and comfortable, painless procedure – immediate and later. At the same time, the therapeutic effect can be quickly achieved as expected. The major disadvantage of this method is that it might be a little (but not much) expensive to buy acupen.

Here is the first article to treat insomnia with an acupressure massage – Acupress V3. In the future, VIKUDO will continue to offer you the next Acupress (massage – acupressure), with different regimens.

In addition to the Acupress (massage – acupressure), it will be the Acupen (using an electronic pen). Depending on your health, interests and personal conditions, you can choose one or more optimal treatment options.


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