Acupen V2 _ Prevent and treat Insomnia with Acupen

Acupen V2 _ Prevent and treat Insomnia with Acupen

The AcuPEN is only a means, which allows the treatment to also have the desired effect without having to use complicated needles or massage acupoints with tired hands.

Diagnosing the right cause, choosing good acupoints and using the pen correctly, treating with the right doses will be the decisive factor in healing.

In this video, I would like to introduce you to the simplest therapy that can also provide a very good therapeutic effect. There, we will only work with one acupoint: “An mian”

You should refer to the following video:

Acupress V3 _ Prevent and treat insomnia by Acupressure _ Therapy 1

Acupoint TE17 _ Wind Screen, Yifeng – Triple Energizer _ TE-17

Acupoint EM13 _ Peaceful Sleep, Anmian _ EM-13

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