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On the Youtube channel “ACUVI”, we will in turn publish videos of treating illnesses in two different methods in parallel, depending on your own condition and your preferences for choosing and treating illnesses for yourself or your loved ones:

  • Acupressure: Press, rub with hand.
  • AcuPen: Use Acupen

So that you are proactive, easy and quick to learn and apply when you refer to our videos published soon, I would like to present the Acupen that I use for my treatments as well as for my video demonstrations.

I was indeed planning to make a video on how to use this pen, but after checking it out, I see that there are many fairly detailed video articles and tutorials online, so I felt there wasn’t is no longer necessary to do something unnecessary. So you can search online, depending on the brand of this pen, you will see the necessary instructions! (Exemple, you can copy these words and paste them on Google to quickly find the relevant information: “electro acupuncture device ly-508b”)

Of course, you can absolutely use any other “Acupen”, with similar functionality.


  • The “Electronic Acupuncture Pen” is only a means, which allows the treatment to also have the desired effect without having to use needles complicated in acupuncture or to press and / or massage the acupoints with hands hard and tired. It does not replace people.
  • Diagnosing the exact cause of the disease, identifying the right acupuncture point and using the pen correctly and with the right dose will be the decisive factors for recovery.


You can see:

Acupen V1 _ Prevent and Treat ACNE with AcuPEN _ Electro Acupuncture Pen

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