Yoga for back pain _ VIKUDO

For your training to be safe and to be best possible, please see the important notes on back pain in the Life 14 video on the Life anvui channel (Click here)
This yoga exercise includes simple techniques for people with severe chronic back pain.

In addition to the usual yoga mats, you need to have support tools such as:
– a yoga ball
– a exercise roller
– and at least 1 pillow or similar object.

Please note, spend a lot of time on each posture. The goal is to relax the muscles and joints in the lumbar region. Therefore, it is necessary to have a perseverance, a deep and truly inside look.
Now, if you have enough health conditions and tools to participate in this session, start training with me!
Wish you practice well, heal quickly !

Van-Kien DOAN
Docteur en Physio-Pathologie

Music : — Moonlight Sonata – Youtube Audio Library —

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