Yoga for seniors, VIKUDO

Yoga for Seniors

The time for everyone is the same, but each person feels it differently.

Please cherish the time that is not long and goes very fast, leaving us full of regrets, unfinished plans and fading bodies every day, every month and every year. Yoga VIKUDO will accompany you, so that time can linger with us with meaningful days.

So for the elderly, please each day spend about 15 to 20 minutes on a yoga mat with basic poses and simple variations. It will also be great to help our body fight against aging, fight against the disease and avoid pain – physical and mental.

The yoga poses for seniors will usually be simple, slow and gentle movements in an extremely soft and relaxed mind. As a result, you will easily reduce the stress caused by physical or mental problems, while maintaining a healthy and positive mental state in a harmonious, strong and persistent body.

The pose execution techniques are designed for weak bodies, tired muscles, body aches, etc., ideal for beginners, the elderly or even for those who like a slow and deep practice with a mindful in search a balance.


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