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Muscle cramps are sudden, unintentional contraction of one or more muscle fibers. Although cramps can occur in skeletal muscle or smooth muscle.


Muscle cramps are sudden, unintentional contraction of one or more muscle fibers. Although cramps can occur in skeletal muscle or smooth muscle. But here I call them “the cramp” to make it simpler and easier to understand. It is in line with the objective of this video.
This will give you an overview of cramps in general with self-prevention and treatment of cramps, before you have to go to the hospital.
Muscle cramps can wake you up while you sleep at night or force yourself to stop along the way because of the severe pain. The cramp usually starts suddenly and usually goes away on its own after intervals of seconds, minutes or hours. In addition, other types of leg cramps may appear after exercise or doing physical labor for long periods of time, especially if you are dehydrated, too hot, or exhausted.
Certain medications and medical conditions can also cause cramps.
With the exception of a few rare cases which require thorough medical attention from a physician. Leg cramps are usually not severe and can be avoided by drinking enough fluids and stretching the body before and after exercise.
And we can completely treat muscle cramps at home through self-care measures.


Most muscle cramps appear in the muscles of the legs, especially in the calves.
If this happens to you, in addition to a sudden stabbing pain, you may also feel or see severe hardening of the muscle tissue under the skin.


Muscle cramps usually go away on their own and are rarely severe enough to require medical attention.
However, you should consult your doctor if you have cramps such as in the following cases:

  • You often have painful cramps that prevent you from sleeping.
  • You often experience leg cramps during or right after exercise.
  • You have cramps related to swelling of the legs, redness or skin changes
  • You have cramps which are also linked to muscle weakness
  • You have long lasting cramps but do not get better by taking care of yourself
  • And, you have cramps that are not related to an obvious cause, as prolonged exercise or intense physical activity…


Prolonged dehydration, muscle abuse, muscle tension, or simply holding one position for long periods of time can also cause muscle cramps.
However, in many cases the cause is not known.
While most muscle cramps are harmless and not too much of a concern, but in some cases it may be related to an underlying medical condition it is very important to have a visit to the doctor, such as:

  • Insufficient blood supply is caused by hardening of the arteries in the extremities narrows the arteries that supply the legs. In this case, pain may appear.
    Like cramps in the legs and feet during exercise, and these cramps usually go away immediately after you stop exercising.
  • When the nerves are pinched. Nerves in the spine are pinched due to lumbar stenosis. It can also cause leg cramps. In that case, the pain is usually worse with long walks.
  • Depletion of minerals. Too little potassium, calcium or magnesium in the diet may also contribute to leg cramps.
  • There are several types of drugs diuretics – often prescribed for high blood pressure, can also deplete these minerals and cause cramps.


  • Age factors. The elderly have lost muscle mass, therefore, the rest of the muscle can be easily over-stretched, which easily causes cramping.
  • Dehydration. Athletes become tired and dehydrated when playing sports in hot weather, it is easy to get cramps.
  • Pregnant. Cramps are also common during pregnancy which of the many direct reasons causes cramps is the depletion of the minerals potassium, calcium or magnesium mentioned above
  • Certain types of pathology, such as people with diabetes, or a motor neuron disorder (for example, atrophic lateral sclerosis), metabolic disorders (such as liver failure) or thyroid problems, etc., which can lead to a high risk of cramps.


  • Avoid dehydration. Drink lots of water every day. The amount of water you drink depends on the weather, the level of physical activity, the type of food, health, age, sex, and medications you are taking. Water helps relax muscles, while keeping muscle cells hydrated and less irritated. Please fill up with water regularly during and after work processes and physical activity.
  • Nutrition. Frequent recurring leg cramps are usually a sign disturbances of the water-electrolyte balance. Part of the solution is to increase calcium and magnesium intake. Therefore, we must regularly eat dark green leafy vegetables like broccoli and kale, rich in calcium and magnesium, and drink orange juice rich in calcium. In addition to vegetables, other food sources rich in calcium are skimmed dairy products and sardines with bones. Among the foods rich in magnesium, we can include nuts, legumes and whole grains.
    Apple cider vinegar can give you immediate relief if you suffer from cramps. This is because apple cider vinegar is high in potassium. However, a lack of potassium can sometimes cause cramps. In this case, you can mix it with a cup of lukewarm water 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey, then drink, you will see the effect immediately.
  • Vitamins and minerals. To prevent sudden and sudden cramps in the legs (quadriceps spasticity), get 400 international units of vitamin E every day, if this is still not enough to get rid of the cramps, you can add 1000 mg of magnesium and 500-1000 mg of calcium per day. You can consult pharmacists or experts so that you can make more precise decisions about your condition
  • Muscle stretching exercises. Practice a little before and after physical activity and doing heavy work over a long period of time. If you tend to have leg cramps at night, stretch your muscles before bed. Light exercise which together with the simplest and most effective form of exercise is yoga, doing full stretching exercises may be possible avoid cramps while you sleep.


  • You can treat cramps completely with self-care measures with specific measures such as stretching exercises, drink enough fluids each day, take muscle relaxants, etc.
  • Also, if you suffer from cramps, you can also apply a warm washcloth or a heating pad on sore and tense muscles. Take a hot bath or directing a hot shower towards the spastic muscles can also help. On the other hand, massage the spastic muscles with ice water can also provide immediate relief.
  • Measures such as acupressure and massage are also very effective and has been applied for a long time, whenever a cramp occurs, for example, press the Chengshan acupoint (BL57) located in the middle behind the calf. It can also make cramps go away. You can refer to this exercise in the instruction video on our “ACUVI” channel.
  • Essential oils. Of all the aromatic essences, lavender essential oil is the most versatile. You can apply 4 to 5 drops directly to the area affected by cramp. In addition, essential oils of tarragon and essential oils of chamomile also has a good effect of preventing and treating leg cramps.
  • Some homeopathic remedies can also help, very effective prevention and treatment of cramps. Some of the following products are available in pharmacies that I recommend, you can rate and refer in detail with the pharmacists there to buy you. For example: Gelsemiun 6 CH, Cuprum metallicum 6 CH, Veratrum album 6 CH, etc…
  • Yoga. In principle, yoga exercises are effective in helping you prevent and treat cramps. Each has specific objectives stimulates increased blood flow to the legs, relax muscle groups directly related to leg movements, also directly or indirectly related to blood circulation. Detailed instructional videos on our Yoga VIKUDO channel can help you prevent and treat cramps very effectively, please consult and practice.

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