YogaVP 4 _ Fertility Yoga for Women

This exercise includes only over a dozen simple yoga exercises but will be very effective in improving your health and fertility. I hope you practice hard, regularly every day. When practicing, be sure to relax your body in each specific position. You just have to pay attention to the comfort of your body, do not […]


YOGAVP 3 _ YOGA to Improve MALE FERTILITY 35 minutes of yoga strengthens men with a large number of powerful sperm. A 35-minute yoga practice, including nearly 20 classic yoga postures, helps the boys. For some reason, “A lot of flour but still without cakes”, could soon be satisfied to become a father, thanks to […]

YogaVP 2 _ Prenatal YogaV – Preparation

More info, please visit website : This video helps you prepare all the necessary to practice the exercises in the sessions that come in a few days. YogaVP is an effective exercise program for all women who need to improve reproductive health. It also helps women conceive, become pregnant, give birth and recover after […]