Interesting books

100 best yoga books of all time

Interesting books Here are some good books, recommended by some readers. I introduce back to you! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP No1 : Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes Paperback – Sep 18 2012 by Mark Stephens (Author) Paperback: 528 pages Publisher: North Atlantic Books; 1 edition (Sept. 18 2012) Language: English : Click here No2 : 2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga Poses Hardcover – Nov 10 […]

Relax VIKUDO _ Symphony No.5 (by Beethoven)

For relax with VIKUDO Symphony No.5 (by Beethoven) Beethoven – Youtube Audio Library Videos : Pixabay LEARN: Symphony No. 9, masterpiece of humanity, musical phenomenon from this time to the present day and perhaps even in the future. Symphony No. 9 was accompanied by the Apollo 11 spacecraft in a small disc leading to the […]

Relax VIKUDO _ Silent Night _ (Jazz) _ E’s Jammy Jams

Silent Night _ The first snow of the season. Go out to relax after a workout. The street is deserted, only I am “slowly writing poems”, (and there is also a person who shoveling snow, he has a lot of work!). I want to send some snow to my grandchildren to play, mold snowmen like […]