YogaVB 30 _ Half bound lotus seated forward bend 1

YogaVB 30 _ Tư thế ngồi nửa hoa sen gập mình lên một chân duỗi thẳng

Half bound lotus seated forward bend-1. It is a pose which is more difficult than poses like “Head to knee” or “Seated Forward Bend” (YogaVB 13-16), but it is nevertheless simpler than “THalf bound lotus seated forward bend 2” (complete pose ) – a pose which is very difficult for people with a large and […]

YogaVB 29 _ Chair pose _ UTKATASANA

Tư thế cái ghế, VIKUDO

Utkatasana (OOT-kah-TAHS-anna) – The “Chair pose” is a difficult pose for the practitioner by an intense demand of the body from the inside to the outside, the effort to perform well each breath helps maintain balance at the same time with muscular effort to maintain a desired posture. To accomplish this pose, the body necessarily […]

YogaVB 28 _ Standing Forward Bend _ Uttanasana

YogaVB-28-_-Standing-Forward-Bend-_-Uttanasana _ VIKUDO

Uttanasana (OOT-tan-AHS-ahna), – “Standing Forward Bend”. It is a pose that is simply flexing the body through the hip joint, but it is also a challenge for many people due to the tension in the muscles behind the pelvis, the muscles behind the thighs as well than the hamstrings. However, in order to successfully and […]

YogaVB 22 _ How to do Bow Pose _ Basic Yoga

Yoga vikudo, yogav, vikudo, Bow Pose,

YogaVB 22 _ How to do Bow Pose _ DHANURASANA _ Basic Yoga The Bow pose can give practitioners many special benefits, such as: Strengthen the spine Stretching of the chest, abdomen, hip muscles and thigh Stimulate digestion, defeat bad breath Prevent kidney stones and gallstones Healing a painful urination Prevent inflammation and prevent hypertrophy […]