Yoga VB41 _ PADMA – ANAHATASANA _ Lotus – Melting Heart Pose


“LOTUS – MELTING HEART” Pose A superb combination of two classic and emotional yoga poses: the “Lotus” pose and the “Melting Heart” pose. If you have practiced Yoga VB1 and Yoga VB40 well, you will have no reason to fear this beautiful pose. YOGAVB 1 _ HOW TO DO LOTUS POSE _ PADMASANA YOGAVB 40 […]

Yoga VB40 _ Anahatasana _ Heart Melting Pose


ANAHATASANA _ Heart Melting Pose “Melting Heart Pose” – An extremely special posture, it is special from the name that smells very sweet, filled with positive and loving emotions. When practicing the “Melting Heart” posture, the practitioner will easily feel – from the first moment – a generous but emotional effort from a special effort: […]

Yoga VB39 _ YOGA MUDRASANA _ Yoga Seal Pose

Yoga-Mudrasana _ Vikudo

For many people, being able to sit well in the “Lotus Pose” was also a big challenge. Therefore, continuing to practice the posture called “Yoga Seal Pose” is indeed a difficulty that is not easily overcome on the first day, the second day … However, if you practice YogaVB 1 well with the correct steps […]

Yoga VB38 _ PADMA BHUJANGASANA _ Lotus Cobra Pose


The “Padma Bhujangasana” _ The “Lotus – Cobra pose” is a great combination of both the legendary yoga poses: the “Lotus pose” and the “Cobra pose”. The benefits of the “Lotus – Cobra” combination pose give the practitioner certainly not only the sum of the benefits of the two individual poses mentioned above, but also […]

Yoga VB36 _ ANANDA BALASANA _ Happy baby pose


Ananda Balasana, also known as Sukha Balasana (“Funny Kid’s Pose”), is a basic pose found in many modern yoga programs. This pose is known for its many fascinating benefits, while practicing the pose is not too difficult and not too much effort. The “Ananda Balasana” pose has a very positive effect on the back, abdomen […]

Yoga VB35 _ UTTHITA PADMASANA _ Raised Lotus Pose

YogaVB 35 _ UTTHITA PADMASANA _ Raised Lotus Pose

UTTHITA PADMASANA _ Raised Lotus Pose Sanskrit name: Utthita Padmasana or Tulasana / Tolasana English name: Raise Lotus Pose or Balance Pose or Swing Pose or Scale PoseUtthita Padmasana consists of three Sanskrit words.Where the first word is the word “Utthita”, which means “Raise”, the second word is the word “Padma”, which means “Lotus” and […]

Yoga VB34 _ VIPARITA NAMASKARASANA _ Reverse Prayer Pose

VIPARITA NAMASKARASANA Reverse Prayer Pose Vikudo Yoga

Reverse Prayer Pose _ Viparita Namaskarasana. It is an interesting pose, called “Reverse prayer pose” and performed in the “Diamond Pose”. In this pose Viparita Namaskarasana, the word “Viparita” means “Behind, or reverse” (in simple terms, the meaning of Viparita is – “on the contrary”) and the word “Namaskar” means “respect”. Normally, to show respect, […]

Yoga VB33 _ HASTA GOMUKHASANA _ Hand position of Cow face pose

YogaVB 33 _ HASTA GOMUKHASANA _ Hand position of Cow face pose

hasta gomukhasana = (HUH-stug go-muk-AHS-uh-nuh) To practice this lesson when you have time, you can stand or sit as desired.Here we practice together in “Diamond Pose”. To practice this exercise well, you should practice the following exercises: Yoga V001: Breathe properly while doing yoga. On Youtube Yoga VB5 : How to do Diamond pose. On […]

Yoga VB32 _ Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana 1 _ Upward facing forward bend 1

YogaVB-32-_-Urdhva-Mukha-Paschimottanasana-1, vikudo

Yoga VB32 _ Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana 1 _ Upward facing forward bend 1 Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana is pronounced: “OORD-vuh MUK-uh puhsh-chi-mo-tahn-AHS-uh-nuh” BENEFITS: Stretches and strengthens hamstrings, lumbar muscles, spine and spinal cord Softens the hip joint, treat sciatica and knee pain Reduces belly fat, reduces obesity, adjusts waist, hips and thighs Stimulates the liver, intestine, […]

Yoga VB31 _ SUPTA DWI HASTA PADASANA _ Reclining both hands to the leg pose


A basic yoga pose is excellent in that it is easy to practice because the difficulty is not too high, and it can not only be practiced on the mat, but can also be practiced even in bed. In addition, the SUPTA DWI HASTA PADASANA pose is really great because of the benefits it can […]

Yoga VB30 _ Half bound lotus seated forward bend 1

YogaVB 30 _ Tư thế ngồi nửa hoa sen gập mình lên một chân duỗi thẳng

Half bound lotus seated forward bend-1. It is a pose which is more difficult than poses like “Head to knee” or “Seated Forward Bend” (Yoga VB13-16), but it is nevertheless simpler than “Half bound lotus seated forward bend 2” (complete pose ) – a pose which is very difficult for people with a large and […]

Yoga VB29 _ Chair pose _ UTKATASANA

Tư thế cái ghế, VIKUDO

Utkatasana (OOT-kah-TAHS-anna) – The “Chair pose” is a difficult pose for the practitioner by an intense demand of the body from the inside to the outside, the effort to perform well each breath helps maintain balance at the same time with muscular effort to maintain a desired posture. To accomplish this pose, the body necessarily […]

Yoga VB28 _ Standing Forward Bend _ Uttanasana

YogaVB-28-_-Standing-Forward-Bend-_-Uttanasana _ VIKUDO

Uttanasana (OOT-tan-AHS-ahna), – “Standing Forward Bend”. It is a pose that is simply flexing the body through the hip joint, but it is also a challenge for many people due to the tension in the muscles behind the pelvis, the muscles behind the thighs as well than the hamstrings. However, in order to successfully and […]