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There are many different therapies for preventing and treating insomnia. In addition to exercises such as Yoga VT3, the uses of essential oils Life 16, 19, 21 etc …, VIKUDO will continue to offer you even more remedies for this disease – silent but frightening.VIKUDO’s coherent vision is to respect nature, to rely on nature […]

Acupoint TE5 _ Outer Pass, Waiguan – Triple Energizer _ TE-5

Acupoint TE5 _ Acupoint Vikudo

Outer Pass, Waiguan – Triple Energizer Ngoại quan – Thủ thiếu dương tam tiêu 外關, wài guān – 手少阳三焦经 oe gwan 외관 – 수소양삼초경 You should review: LOCATE ACUPOINTS ON THE BODY

Locate acupoints on the body

CUN- acupoint VIKUDO

In order to use acupoints for acupressure, acupuncture or martial arts with good results, you must first locate exactly the acupoints on the subject’s body. There are many ways to measure acupuncture points relatively accurately, such as: visual estimation for experienced people or measurement with a special measurement unit called “CUN”. The length of “CUN” […]

Acupoint VP 1 _ Joining Valley, He Gu _ Large Intestine _ LI-4

Huyet hop coc, acupoint vikudo

If about every 2 days a video for acupoint is published, VIKUDO will probably finish this work in about 3 years! In addition, videos for the treatment of specific and intensive illnesses, and … videos for the guide to using acupuncture points in martial arts … I wonder how many years it will take to […]

VIKUDO _ Acupoint

The method of massage, acupressure is summed up by the knowledge of traditional oriental medicine, martial art VIKUDO and is recognized in the modern scientific perspective of human physiology – pathology. Thanks to this, you can refer to and according to your ability to acquire as well as according to your existing knowledge that can […]