Acupressure to relieve bronchitis _ Acupress V17

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Acupressure to relieve bronchitis _Acupressure _Acupress V17 Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of the bronchi (the tubes that carry air to and from the lungs) and can of course also affect the lining of the bronchioles in the lung lobules. Inflammation and increased secretions in the bronchial system will lead to shortness of […]

Nosebleeds _ Acupressure _ Acupress V12

chảy máu mũi, chảy máu cam, nosebleeds, saignements de nez, acupress v12,

Nosebleeds _ Prevent and Treat with Acupressure _ Acupress V12 Nosebleeds, can have many causes, from mental to physical causes. Very simple causes can also cause nosebleeds such as prolonged stress, too low humidity, allergic rhinitis or due to certain movements to badly clean the nose, etc. Moreover, nosebleeds can also be caused by a […]

Constipation with acupressure _ Acupress V5

Xoa bóp bấm huyệt trị táo bón, La constipation avec acupression, Constipation with acupressure,

Constipation with acupressure _ Acupress V5 PLEASE NOTE: This practice does not apply to pregnant women For the practice session “Prevent and treat constipation with massage, acupressure”, we will practice while lying down. Please prepare with me a comfortable place to lie down, with 4 small pillows or yoga bricks. They will be used for […]

Insomnia by Stress with Acupressure _ Acupress V4

Bấm huyệt chữa mất ngủ bởi Stress, Insomnie par stress avec Acupression, Insomnia by Stress with Acupressure

Insomnia by Stress with Acupressure _ Acupress V4 Insomnia can be caused by many different causes and, therefore, there are of course many different therapies. In this lesson, for insomnia caused by nervous causes, excessive anxiety, etc., which we can temporarily call stress I present to you a very simple but effective acupressure method Here, […]

Acupressure with acne _ Acupress V2

Acupression pour Acné, Bấm huyệt trị mụn trứng cá, Acupressure with acne, Acupress V2,

Acupressure with acne _ Acupress V2 To prevent and treat acne, in addition to eating, practicing yoga, it is enough acupressure only one point, it is the “Shangyang”. You can review how to find this acupoint in Acupoint LI-1: Prevent and treat acne through food:Life18, Life 20 Prevent and treat acne with essential oils:Life […]