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NOTIFICATION Our website is updating and editing more sections in both English and French, so many articles have been published in the Vietnamese section but have not yet been translated and published in both English and French. The website upgrade will probably take a few weeks. Thanks for your understanding. VIKUDO

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Martial Arts, Yoga, Health and Life _ How to read VIKUDO’s articles? Welcome to VIKUDO To read the articles of VIKUDO, very simple. You need to visit VIKUDO page under the keyword “” on familiar search sites, such as Google. Once you are on the site, you can select your preferred language by clicking […]

YogaV 13 : Back and belly exercises – P 1

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YogaV 13 : Back and belly exercises – P 1 The exercises include techniques that allow the lumbar and abdominal muscles to contract in turn to compress the lower abdomen on the thigh and then stick and compress the chest on the knee. During all these movements, the strength based on the central part is […]

YogaV 12 _ Shoulder and back movements

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YogaV 12 _ Shoulder and back movements Movement techniques of both arms, shoulder blades and upper back. Next are the initial movements to relax the spine, followed by techniques to stretch each side of the back muscles and intercostal muscles. Practitioners will continue to feel the really muscular movement, even if it is still relatively […]

YogaVB 22 _ How to do Bow Pose _ Basic Yoga

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YogaVB 22 _ How to do Bow Pose _ DHANURASANA _ Basic Yoga The Bow pose can give practitioners many special benefits, such as: Strengthen the spine Stretching of the chest, abdomen, hip muscles and thigh Stimulate digestion, defeat bad breath Prevent kidney stones and gallstones Healing a painful urination Prevent inflammation and prevent hypertrophy […]

Interesting books

100 best yoga books of all time

Interesting books Here are some good books, recommended by some readers. I introduce back to you! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP No1 : Yoga Sequencing: Designing Transformative Yoga Classes Paperback – Sep 18 2012 by Mark Stephens (Author) Paperback: 528 pages Publisher: North Atlantic Books; 1 edition (Sept. 18 2012) Language: English : Click here No2 : 2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga Poses Hardcover – Nov 10 […]

YogaVB 17 _ How to do Bridge Pose _ Basic Yoga

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YogaVB 17 _ How to do Bridge Pose _ SETU BANDHASANA _ Basic Yoga The Bridge pose is also a relatively simple and easy to practice posture, but can bring practitioners special physical and mental health effects, such as: strengthening the thighs and buttocks; rejuvenate tired feet; lengthen chest and spine; stimulation of abdominal, lung […]

YogaVB-Re 1.7 _ YogaVB Review 1.7 _ Basic Yoga

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YogaVB-Re 1.7 _ YogaVB Review 1.7 _ Basic Yoga After learning each pose, depending on your time and ability, you can practice many poses during a workout. Individual poses are included in the same video to help you practice. Each “Review” video includes only the “Execution” sections so that you can easily follow them. In […]